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For geek brothers out there

Twenty years ago, the fastest Internet backbone links were 1.5Mbps. Today we argue whether that's a fast enough minimum to connect home users. In 1993, 1.3 million machines were connected to the Internet. By this past summer, that number had risen to 769 million and this only counts systems that have DNS names. The notion of a computer that is not connected to the Internet is patently absurd these days. But all of this rapid progress is going to slow in the next few years. The Internet will soon be sailing in very rough seas, as it's about to run out of addresses, needing to be gutted and reconfigured for continued growth in the second half of the 2010s and beyond. Originally, the idea was that this upgrade would happen quietly in the background, but over the past few years, it has become clear that the change from the current Internet Protocol version 4, which is quickly running out of addresses, to the new version 6 will be quite a messy affair. Legacy problems Across the computing industry, we spend enormous amounts of money and effort on keeping older, "legacy" systems running. The examples range from huge and costly to small and merely annoying: planes circle around in holding patterns burning precious fuel because air traffic control can't keep up on systems that are less powerful than a smartphone; WiFi networks don't reach their top speeds because an original 802.11(no letter), 2Mbps system could show up—you never know. So when engineers dream, we dream of leaving all of yesterday's technology behind and starting from scratch. But such clean breaks are rarely possible. For instance, the original 10 megabit Ethernet specification allows for 1500-byte packets. Filling up 10Mbps takes about 830 of those 1500-byte packets. Then Fast Ethernet came along, which was 100Mbps, but the packet size remained the same so that 100Mbps ethernet gear could be hooked up to 10Mbps ethernet equipment without compatibility issues. Fast Ethernet needs 8300 packets per second to fill up the pipe. Gigabit Ethernet needs 83,000 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet needs almost a million packets per second (well, 830,000). For each faster Ethernet standard, the switch vendors need to pull out even more stops to process an increasingly outrageous numbers of packets per second, running the CAMs that store the forwarding tables at insane speeds that demand huge amounts of power. The need to connect antique NE2000 cards meant sticking to 1500 bytes for Fast Ethernet, and then the need to talk to those rusty Fast Ethernet cards meant sticking to 1500 bytes for Gigabit Ethernet, and so on. At each point, the next step makes sense, but the entire journey ends up looking irrational. The problem in the middle Of course, change does manage to happen. We went from 10Mbps to 10Gbps Ethernet, from wired to wireless, and from a Web that was barely able to show blinking text to one running all manners of applications. We even gained the DNS and TCP congestion control only in the late 1980s. But the reason we were able to change all of these technologies is that they happen either above or below the Internet Protocol in the network stack. Network protocols are built as "stacks" where a number of layers each provide a part of the required functionality. The famous OSI reference model has seven layers, but the TCP/IP stack has only four. Starting from the bottom and moving up, the (data)link layer knows how to send packets through cables or the air; the network layer knows about routing and addressing, allowing packets to find their way through the network; and the transport layer makes multi-packet communications work, and finally the application layer makes applications work over the network. These layers map to OSI layers 2, 3, 4, and 7, respectively. Each of these layers has many different protocols to choose from, except the network layer, which has only IP. Hence it looks like the waist in an hourglass.



Doso mujo kod doktora i pozali se: "doktore bogati pomozi, fata nikako ne uziva kad je guzim" A doktor ce ,hej moj Mujo pa probaj napravit malo atmosfere evo npr; uzmi crnca nek ti mase lepezom dok guzis!! Tako on i uradi crnac mase lepezom, Mujo guzi a Fata mrtva hladna. U neko doba Mujo ustane i kaze crncu hajd majke ti, ti guzi a ja da malo masem, tako i bi, razvaljuje crnac fatu, ona sva izludila od uzbudjenja,kad ce ti Mujo na to: "Hej jebo ti sebe, vidis kako se mase pizda ti materina"


Dzidzikovac University of Metaphysics

All ages welcome, addiction granted


Takodje od slova do slova ali ovaj put vispren

Ohoho, dobro dosli natrag kolega. Bondi Beach (Oct. 2010) Information Ministry of Bootscha Potok Republic in exile would like to welcome the return of Gedora Global Enterprises, a forefront of Dzidzikovac Republic's Revolutionary Force back to the world scene in our righteous common struggle against the occupiers of our homeland. We are happy to announce that we are once again able to complement our leading global revolutionary brand with such a potent revolutionary force such as the one Dzidzikovac exiles formed, propelling our already powerful scheme of gaining worldwide recognition. Nesloga news agency had to move back to an alternative location due to BP fiasco and unsafe environmental consequences, but stays resolved to continue the constant struggle helping Bootscha Potok Resistance Force (BARF) on their path of final liberation of our homeland. nesloga news agency (on behalf of Bootcha Potok Information Ministry) >>all rights reserved<<


od slova do slova

07 October at 19:37 Report Oštar si kao sablja kapetana vojske Jugoslavije vrli moj Čola. Oštar i nespreman za dijalog. Ti misliš da ti možeš nekoga tako patronizirati, ti i takvi ko ti? Ti misliš da vam je neko kao ja dodjeljen za napucavanje, da moramo mirno stajati pred vašim svjetonazorima, misliš da možeš toliku dozu prezira prema jednom narodu i kulturi pokazati i proći nezapažen i nezapamćen? Znaš i sam šta se na to kaže. Naziv je tvoje grupe. Promijenilo te je Čola, samo što to sebi ne priznaješ, niti želiš da se suočiš s tim. Prošle godine si isto mišljenje imao , možda još gore, ali si bio slatkorječiv, insinuirao, srao, uvijao - bez potrebe. Skontao sam ja odmah koga i šta ti vidiš dok me gledaš. Urade to drugi gradovi o druge sredine, kulture, društvo - ljudima. Prenesu svoje predrasude, nečujno. Po meni - ti nisi normalan - ti si bolestan. Razlika između nas dvojice je samo ta što ti ja to kažem u privatnom pismu, a ne pred drugima. Ništa, od sada, pa nadalje i u buduće, moj Čolakisu - trebaš da znaš gdje ti je mjesto. Mjesto ti sigurno nije da budeš nadređeni meni, niti da meni govoriš šta i kako treba da mislim i razmišljam. Niti ti je mjesto i uloga da glumiš bodigard mojim prijateljima, da ih kao braniš od mene. I to me vrijeđa. Nauči svoje mjesto - običnog i ravnopravnog. Tog isključivog balkanskog mentaliteta vojnih lica smo se riješili do daljnjeg. Uživaj u životu - i hajde da se više ni ne pozdravljamo. Eto ti tvoji "mnogi" zbog kojih se bojiš ili gadiš sa mnom sjesti i popričati ko s čovjekom.



BP now claiming positive impact from oil spill; A representative from BP held a press conference today and announced that a new study commissioned last month indicates that the oil spill resulting from the deep-water horizon disaster may have a long-term positive impact on the environment. "This study has concluded that the introduction of raw petrochemicals from below the surface of the ocean, into the environment, while no doubt proving detrimental to the ecosystem and living organisms in the local area for the short-term, will, in the long-term, increase the tolerance of said ecosystem and living organisms to future similar incidences". Facebroker Replaces Facebook in Somalia: High seas pirates tired of battling high seas and all those US and French Naval ships have decided to become landlubbers again and do what their fellow continental Nigerians are doing, scamming people from solid ground. They've opened a new operation entitled Facebroker whereby they steal the identities of people on Facebook and sell them to people who don't have identities on Facebook so that they can be identified on Facebook as someone other than themselves.


Dzidzikovac republika

Ostvarite vase snove, glasajte za zavisnu republiku Dzidzikovac


Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Birth

Proud father Arnold Schwarzenegger was in celebratory mood today after giving birth to a healthy pair of twin penguins. The semi-aquatic, flightless birds, both male, have been named Skipper and Enoch after Schwarzenegger's pet goldfish. Former bodybuilder Schwarzenegger is keen to pass his love of muscle-building on to his new sons and told reporters, "I can't wait to take my boys to the local gym to pump some iron. I've already made a $5000 bet that one of them will be World Bodybuilding Champion before their 25th birthday."


6 litara na 100 km

Po nekoj statistici državljanin Srbije u proseku pešači 1500 km na godišnjem nivou. Po drugoj statistici državljanin Srbije popije prosečno 90 litara alkoholnog pića na godišnjem nivou. Da se zaključiti da prosečan državljanin Srbije troši 6 litara na 100 km.


Greece to Buy BP Oil

Greece has today agreed to buy 3/4 of the BP oil slick in a move which will ease the pressure on Louisiana. Greek PM Kostos Toomuchis explained the decision: "Petrol prices have risen so fast that some of our rioters are paying up to 1.6 Euros per litre ($1.97) just to fill up their petrol bombs. If things get much worse they'll be forced to cut costs by lobbing lit bottles of ouzo instead and that's a far more offensive substance." The move came as his government was under increased pressure over multiple human rights abuses. Mr Feta Tzatziki, the leader of Greece's leading civil-rights group explained: "The government is riding roughshod over our cherished freedoms of tax avoidance and corruption. Tyrannical laws are now being passed which will require planning permission for our buildings, credit limits for our store cards and Drivers' Licences for our motorists. We call on the free world (by reversed charges, of course) to do something about our oppressors."


6. Haman forced to honor Mordecai (Esther 6)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

As a high-ranking official in the court of the Persian King Xerxes, Haman was offended one day when a Jew named Mordecai refused to show him the courtesy of a respectful bow. To get revenge for his injured ego, Haman convinced King Xerxes to let him issue a decree that would legalize the extermination of all Jews throughout the kingdom (overreaction, anyone?). What Haman didn’t realize was that the recently instated Queen Esther happened to be a Jew – and Mordecai’s cousin. In addition, Mordecai was directly responsible for supplying information to Esther which exposed a plot to assassinate the king. Since Esther was able to put in a good word for Mordecai, the king decided to honor him. Xerxes went to Haman for advice about how to honor a man who had pleased the king. Haman, self-importantly assuming that he himself was the one to be honored, came up with an idea in terms of what he would have liked for himself. Unfortunately, Xerxes then ordered him to carry it out for Mordecai. Thus, an embarrassed Haman was forced to lead Mordecai – dressed in royal robes and mounted on a royal horse – through the city streets, announcing to everyone that the king approved of Mordecai, the man he despised.





5. Jesus outs his own betrayer (John 13)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

Traitors generally prefer to remain anonymous, at least until they have fulfilled their objective. However, if the person you want to betray happens to be the Messiah, you might find yourself unable to maintain typical standards of secrecy. Judas is famous for accepting payment to lead Jesus into enemy hands. Interestingly, his plot was brought to light by Jesus himself while the disciples were eating the Passover meal one night. After announcing that a traitor was in their midst, Jesus decided to make Judas’s secret plans obsolete by specifically pointing him out. “Want to know who’s going to betray me? Okay, I’ll give the guilty party this piece of bread,” Jesus said. “Here, Judas – have a piece of bread.” Judas, confused and surprised by this incident, headed out to gather a mob of people to arrest Jesus later that night in the Garden of Gethsemane. Bonus: the greeting kiss by which Judas identified Jesus to the soldiers (Matthew 26) was probably a pretty awkward one, wouldn’t you agree?


giant boobs

Giant boobs - 77 definitions - when a shirt makes your boobies all squished together to form one giant uniboobie.


mastadonic magumbos

1- huge boobs of mastadonic proportions

2- incredibly giant boobs

3- boobs so big, the female gracing them begins to develop a hump

4- boobs so enormus, NASA can use them as a landing space

5-tata's so large that they out-weigh a mastadon


epic boobs 235 up,

voluptuous, sensuous and succulent breasts. shapely but pouring out of the clothing, usually disproportionate to size of women/girl yet completely arousing in every sense. Capable of magnificent feats: can turn a gay guy straight, and a straight girl into a lesbian in seconds. the pinnacle of the female breast.



A breast size that in reality, are fat saggy boobs with nipples the size of your palm. Some guys may act like like the, but thhey are really gross as hell

Double D 5 up, 39 down love it hate it


7. Noah gets naked (Genesis 9)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

You’ve just survived a worldwide flood. Life has been almost completely annihilated. You and your immediate family members are now responsible for repopulating the face of the earth. So what do you do about it? Plant yourself a vineyard, brew some wine, get sloshed, and then pass out naked in your tent. This isn’t such a bad thing by itself, but while Noah was still unconscious his son Ham walked in. Instead of honoring his old man by covering him up, Ham made a joke about it to his brothers Shem and Japheth, who responded by walking backwards into Noah’s tent and improving his modesty without observing their father’s nakedness. Those who understand the effects alcohol has on one’s behavior can probably relate to the awkwardness Noah might have felt when he awoke (“I did what!?”). Bonus: Ham had it coming, too. Noah was pretty upset to hear that his youngest son had been disrespectful, and Ham ended up with a curse of slavery on his family line. Explain that one to your kids!


4. God confirms his covenant with Abram (Genesis 17)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

When the Lord appeared to the 99-year-old Abram in Genesis 17, he laid out the ground rules for how the covenant between them would be confirmed. In exchange for being the father of many nations, inheriting the land of Canaan, and becoming fruitful, Abram needed to 1) walk blamelessly before the Lord, 2) change his name to ‘Abraham’, and 3) cut off part of his penis. Say what? Technically, since circumcision was already practiced by other Semitic people groups at that point in history, Abram was probably not too shocked by the revelation that a small part of his anatomy would be going under the knife. Still, I can imagine a brief, awkward silence at this point in the conversation as Abram let this particular aspect of the covenant sink in!


3. God tells Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman (Hosea 1, 3)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

The life of an Old Testament prophet was not necessarily a pleasant one. For example, in the case of Hosea – who prophesied in Israel during the reign of the wicked King Jeroboam – God had a pretty awkward idea in mind, namely: Go marry a prostitute. And by the way, she’s going to cheat on you. There was a point to the apparent madness, of course. Under Jeroboam’s leadership, Israel was too busy sinning to bother following God’s laws and commands. By asking Hosea to take an unfaithful wife, God was essentially comparing the sinful ways of Israel to a woman who is not faithful to her husband. Just as God predicted, after bearing three children to Hosea, Gomer took another lover. In order to show how devoted he was to the people of Israel, God ordered Hosea to show unconditional love to Gomer by buying her back from the dude she’d been sleeping with. In a way, this is a beautiful story of forgiveness – and early stages of flesh trade


2. Jacob gets the wrong wife (Genesis 29)Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

What better way to deceive your hard-working nephew and future son-in-law than to promise him one daughter’s hand in marriage, and then trick him into wedding your older daughter? It’s a cold thing to do, but that’s exactly how Uncle Laban decided he would treat Jacob in the book of Genesis. Laban had two daughters named Leah and Rachel, and the latter’s beauty captivated Jacob. In order to win her as his wife, he agreed to become Laban’s employee for seven years. But when the wedding day finally arrived, the devious Laban, in an effort to marry off his oldest daughter first, dressed up Leah as Jacob’s bride instead of Rachel. The veiled wedding outfit, combined with the darkness of the marriage chamber, prevented Jacob from noticing a problem until the next morning. How awkward would it be to wake up and realize that the amazing sex with Rachel last night had actually been, um, amazing sex with Leah?


Velikani se prepoznaju (uglavnom na livadi)

Amplituda dogadjaja je prevelika da bih shvatio poremecaje u kojima sam se nasao. Moj je otac rodjen u jednoj drzavi, osnovnu i srednju je opet zavrsavao u drugim drzavama, prvo zaposlenje u cetvrtoj, mene napravio u petoj a sad zivi u sestoj. Nije mi znao reci koja ga je najvise obradovala, ni godina ni drzava, tako sam smjelo i ja krenuo, rodjen u jednoj, probudio se u drugoj, ozenio se u trecoj, zivio u 4 , i sada opet zivim u petoj.,jezika na papiru 4, sa tendencijom rasta. Sve mi se cesce cini da mi je Multiple personality disorder neizbjezan i da me nekako najvise opisuje u karakteru. To je jednom slada ljepo i slikovito rekao golub prevrtaner. Najlakse se nadjem tamo gdje ne treba...Najlkse se napijem kad ne treba...Suptilan sam jedino kad spavam. Praznina koju osjecam je vjerovatno prouzrokovana cinjenicom da nista nisam jeo u zadnja 24 sata, ili je mozda u pravu moja mama koja kaze da moram pocnem da mislim i planiram duze od pivske boce! Prestao sam pusiti...tek mi je danas palo na pamet da sam nervozan i da nemam vise para zbog ostavljanja cigara. samo nesto razmisljam odo ipak tresnut pivu


1. Lot and his daughters (Genesis 19) Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories

The story of Lot and his two daughters provides us with yet another example of drunkenness that turned awkward. In certain cases, drinking wine should be avoided, especially if you are living alone in a secluded mountain cave with your kids. You never know when a serious case of incest could strike. After fleeing from the smoldering wasteland that had been Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and the girls had eventually settled in a mountainous region, which must have been in the middle of nowhere considering what happens next. The two daughters, perhaps working on the assumption that most of the world had been destroyed by fire and brimstone, concluded that in order for them to preserve their family line, they would have to get their father drunk with wine and… yeah. For two consecutive nights – one night for each daughter – they managed to get their father so completely smashed that he wasn’t aware of what his own children were doing. I honestly can’t figure it out – would this situation have been more awkward for the daughters, or for Lot when he found out what had happened? There are probably other examples that might have worked for this list. For instance, I’m sure it felt pretty weird for Isaiah when God told him to walk around naked (Isaiah 20), and it must have been both awkward and terrifying when Joseph’s brothers realized that the annoying brat they had sold into slavery years ago was now the governor of Egypt (Genesis 25). But take the examples for what they’re worth. Go, and try not to do likewise.

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